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Be the backbone of a thriving business

Behind every successful business is an accountant crunching numbers, a finance administrator paying wages, a receptionist who holds all the good company goss… and basically anyone who has the keys to the bank account or the beer fridge. If you’ve got one of those job titles (or looking for someone who does), we’d love to chat to you.

Great back office business support can make all the difference in keeping a place thriving. And for those who show they’re keen to grow, you never know where a business or office support role could take you. 

We recruit in both the public and private sectors. If you can’t see exactly the role you’re looking for, or you’d like to chat about an opportunity you’ve spotted, get in touch. And for organisations who are in search of the right person for a role, tell us what you need and we’ll connect you with that unicorn you’ve been looking for.

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Sectors we recruit within:

  • Business/ Office support

  • Sales

  • Tech Sales

  • Marketing

  • Human Resources

  • Temporary Staff

  • Recruitment

  • Financial Services

  • Finance & Accounting

  • General Management

Opportunities worth checking out

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Operations Coordinator

NZD65000 - NZD75000 per annum

Project Coordinator

NZD65000 - NZD70000 per annum

Collections Manager

NZD80000 - NZD90000 per annum

Health and Safety Advisor/Administrator

NZD60000 - NZD90000 per annum

HR Administrator

NZD55000 - NZD65000 per annum

Group Scheme Advisor

NZD80000 - NZD95000 per annum

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