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At 84 Recruitment, we value diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and we recognise the wider social and economic benefits of progressive procurement.

We welcome all to our business, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, disability, religion or personal circumstance.

We partner with Diversity Works NZ to further our understanding, to help our team identify and deal with discrimination, and to support our clients to achieve diverse representation.

As a team, we celebrate and embrace our differences and have created an environment where each individual is heard and valued. Our team is represented by 8 different ethnicities, with a 55/45% gender split, and 12% of our team are a part of the Rainbow community. Our SLT is also gender balanced. Over 82% of our people came to 84 with no recruitment experience, we look past the CV and see their potential.

Our own diversity is key to helping our clients achieve their diversity goals. We believe everyone has the right to work, and we make this much easier once we understand their story – not something that simply shortlisting relevant CVs can achieve.

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