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Asbestos Consultants - All Levels Needed! - Wellington & Wairarapa

Job description

Location: Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand

Are you passionate about ensuring the safety and well-being of communities by managing asbestos-related risks?

Do you possess the expertise and qualifications to make a positive impact in the field of asbestos consulting? If so, we invite you to reach out and explore these opportunities in Wellington. I have a wide variety of roles available at various levels: Junior, Intermediate, Senior, and Principal.

Position Overview:

We are seeking dynamic and driven Asbestos Consultants to work in Wellington, providing essential services in asbestos management, assessment, and abatement. 

I am working with a wide range of Asbestos and Environmental consultancies across the Wellington and Wairarapa regions. You can expect opportunities working with Govt, DHB's, Emergency Services, Defense and Commercial clients. 

Key Qualifications:

  • IP402, IP404 & IP405 Certification: All candidates must possess a minimum of IP402, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of asbestos surveying and assessment.

  • Asbestos Assessor License: A valid Asbestos Assessor License is a mandatory requirement to ensure adherence to regulatory compliance.


  • Conduct asbestos surveys, inspections, and assessments.
  • Compile comprehensive asbestos reports, including risk assessments.
  • Collaborate with project teams to develop and implement asbestos management plans.
  • Provide expert guidance to clients and stakeholders on asbestos-related matters.
  • Stay current with industry regulations and best practices.

Required Experience:

The specific level of experience required depends on the position:

  • Junior Asbestos Consultant: Entry-level role with minimal professional experience.
  • Intermediate Asbestos Consultant: 2-4 years of relevant experience.
  • Senior Asbestos Consultant: 5-8 years of experience in asbestos consulting.
  • Principal Asbestos Consultant: 10+ years of extensive expertise and leadership capabilities.

Get in touch with me now to find out more regarding the companies and opportunities I currently have available.
027 545 2160