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Land Development Project Manager

Job description

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LD Project Manager 

About the role:

Land Development Primary Role, Deliver the project objectives with regard to safety, quality, time & economics. Work collectively together with company management & other employees to ensure best utilization of company resources delivering the company objectives with regard to return on investment.


Strictly implement the company’s safety policy, rules, processes and procedures. Actively lead the project with regard to health and safety, hazard identification, risk assessment and risk management. Ensure all prestart processes are completed and faults from the same are recorded and actioned. Work collaboratively with the company health and safety manager to deliver the project and company objectives


Identify, declare, monitor and reduce through quality management the quantity of remedial work. Assess and understand all relevant local, regional & national standards, codes of practice and technical documentation including specific WaterCare, Violia or similar standards. Ensure that correct standards are being achieved and maintained offering technical and practical assistance as required. Collect and compile the required inspection and testing information relating to quality assurance and contract deliverables enabling an expeditious 224c process


Prepare, plan, program & propose the project method, sequence, duration and resourcing .Work collaboratively and productively with the company survey teams. Manage, together with the survey team, a review of the design investigating and identifying construction issues, buildability problems, material suitability, environmental considerations, safety and value engineering. Address all issues prior to construction. Manage the investigation of all services locations against the proposed design, identify conflicts and assist with the management of re-design or service relocation solutions. Carry out all necessary service protection, relocation, removal or demolition. Evaluate and understand the contract conditions, contract documents, drawings, specifications, geotechnical reports, consents & supporting documentation and maintain compliance with the same. Manage the preparation of traffic management plans, road opening notices, corridor access request and the like for approval, gain approvals and action the plan. Arrange and manage company resources, materials and contractors to execute the work. Continually promote teamwork and good productivity, motivate and control your human resources. Administer human resource obligations including but not limited to timesheet authorization, maintaining culture and discipline, some disciplinary action. Participate in the process of staff employment, serious disciplinary action, staff appraisals, pay reviews and the like. Provide direction to subcontractors and plant hire contractors to maintain a continuous effort towards the planned work. Approve payments for the same. Identify, present correspondence and follow through on all contractual matters in accordance with each contract including but not limited to payments, variations, time extensions and disputes. Preparation of progress claims, invoices, work in progress, stock, and other financial related information.  Prepare, present or report on the project as required by the contract deliverables and company management. Maintain a positive, constructive and transparent relationship with the client, engineer, consultant and their representatives. Retain a professional, productive and beneficial relationship with the council engineers, inspectors and their representatives. Promote good public relations. Engage with the public stakeholders. Action immediate reactionary plant fault maintenance to minimize equipment down time. Action maintenance issues identified within the pre-start process. Coordinate routine regular servicing of company equipment. From time to time any other additional duties to be performed to help the overall team effort.

Skills & Experience:

Bulk earthworks, minor geotechnical earthworks, sewer & stormwater drainage, roaring, concrete work, underground services including water, power, gas and telecom. Civil construction and siteworks. Dealing with traffic, pedestrians and existing services. Conversant with MS Excel, Word and Project. AutoCAD would be advantageous. Methodical, thorough and comprehensive work ethics with good communication skills. Motivated self starter, punctual, reliable, honest.