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10 Reasons You Didn't Get The Job

​You’ve recently been turned down for your dream job and let’s be honest, you thought it was all yours, right?

You’re surprised, confused and utterly disappointed, especially with the half-pie reason you got from the potential employer. Or worse – you got no feedback at all!

Sometimes we don’t even get to the interview stage, but on paper we’re perfect for the role (so we think!) – so why the cold shoulder?

Applying for a new job is thrilling, exciting and absolutely nerve-racking. The whole process is life-changing yet it’s completely out of your control – or is it?

Mistakes can be made at any time throughout the recruitment process. I have interviewed thousands of people over my career and I’ve seen just about every example of why people fare poorly on their job applications. 

Here are 10 reasons you won’t get hired:

10. Proofread

A five-year-old could have done a better CV – you won’t even make it past the application stage if your CV isn’t impeccable. Correct dates, no spelling mistakes, listed responsibilities and achievements are a must.

9. Customise

Did you make any effort to tailor your CV or cover letter towards the specific role you’re applying for? The number of people making this mistake would be over 80 per cent!

8. Be confident

Sloppy handshake, no eye contact and poor communication – no, nope and definitely not. Are you serious about wanting this job? Then prove it with some enthusiasm!

7. Listen

You talk too much – we have two ears and one mouth. Remember that listening is one of the best ways to sell yourself and truly learn about what your potential employer is looking for.

6. Research

Don’t know anything about the business you’re applying to work for? You’re not showing effort or the right levels of interest. Do some homework.

5. Be responsive

It’s never a good look when you’re late to respond to calls or emails or turn up late to an your interview. You need to be accessible and reliable – don’t make promises to call and only get around to it a day later.

4. Be gracious

One of your first sentences is about your horrible ex-boss – or you decide it’s a good idea to bad-mouth the company you currently work for. Bad move.

3. Ask questions

Never get to the end of the interview and have nothing to ask. You should always have a minimum three questions – this should not include ‘What are the perks?’

2. Be honest

Don’t haggle over money when you clearly said it was the opportunity you’re after. Don’t change your tune throughout the process – be clear and consistent!

1. Bad referees

Are your references questionable? Have you ever upset a previous employer and parted on bad terms, or left things unresolved? Don’t! They will be called and if you haven’t cleared things up it will bite you in the bum down the track.

Be honest with yourself about your actions and always remember that first impressions last. It’s not about being perfect and you won’t always nail every single aspect of the recruitment process but being aware and getting better at most of these will give you the best fighting chance of nailing the dream job.

Now go on and stand out from the crowd!