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5 Signs You Might Be Ready To Make The Switch

We’ve all had those jobs that make you want to scream, “SAVE ME!” But how do you know when it’s more than just a rough patch? Here are five signs it might be time to move on:

1. It’s Taking a Toll on Your Health

A wise man once said, “Health is wealth.” Stressing occasionally over deadlines is normal, but if your job makes you dread mornings and affects your physical or mental health, it’s time to reconsider. If you're constantly needing to de-stress, you might be better off seeking a healthier environment.

2. You’re Constantly Venting

If your friends avoid your calls because all you do is complain about your job, it’s a red flag. When venting about your boss or annoying colleagues becomes a staple in conversations, it's a sign you need a new gig. Plus, it'll give Karen from accounts something new to gossip about. 

3. Stuck in Career Limbo

Feeling like you’re smashing into a glass ceiling? Long-term employees often enjoy their work more and feel more confident in their growth. If you're not advancing or utilising your skills, it might be time to find a place that values your contributions.

4. You’ve Lost that Spark

Passion is the secret sauce to success. If what once excited you now bores you, your lack of enthusiasm is likely affecting your work quality. Do yourself and your company a favor by finding a role that reignites your passion.

5. The Ship is Sinking

If your workplace is experiencing a mass exodus or a vibe-killing restructure, it’s probably time to jump ship. When the culture and people change for the worse, trust your instincts and move on before you go down with the ship.

Remember, your job should energise and empower you, not drain you! If these signs hit close to home, it might be time to seek new opportunities.

The team at 84 Recruitment have heard it all before, and would be more than happy to have a confidential chat to discuss how we can help find that next move you are ready for.