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5 Reasons NZ Employers Should Be Considering Overseas Candidates

​“Oh, we only employ local people, we don’t have time to train overseas people”

Funnily enough, the same businesses are reporting that they are struggling to find any locally experienced people for months on end, and all the while seem to be investing a lot of their valuable time into searching for local candidates that simply are not looking, or if they are – they come at a much higher cost that makes most hiring managers wince.

Often, high quality overseas candidates are over-looked by so many businesses as they’re thrown into the “too hard” basket.

Here’s 5 good reasons NZ employers should be considering overseas candidates in this climate...

1. It's very hard to get locally experienced people right now

It’s no doubt that NZ has found itself in an exploding 'job boom' accompanied by an all-time low of active job seekers. Not hiring at all can be more costly to businesses in the long run. Looking to employ overseas skilled people ensures your business + team can keep trucking forwards and not backwards.

2. NZ is losing heaps of its homegrown skilled workers overseas, so there are even fewer quality people actively on the market than ever before.

Highly skilled Kiwis are packing up for better paid options overseas and in search of a better cost of living, plus OEs are now underway for all of those denied travel the last 2 years. It’s the double whammy and accumulative effect that is only adding more pressure to our already short labour market. Overseas candidates want to live and stay in NZ – not leave!

3. There is a much larger pool of skilled candidates to choose from

When your business expands your scope to consider foreign skilled candidates, you statistically will have a much higher chance of hiring high-quality people over whatever slim pickings or lack thereof in NZ currently.

4. It helps you manage the growing issue of pay parity

Locally experienced candidates have high salary expectations ‘just because’ they know they're in demand. Typically, someone coming from overseas knows they won’t command the same salary expectations as someone locally experienced, often they’re willing to take a pay-cut to get an opportunity here. Your business can secure a highly skilled person without the hyperinflated salary expectations – with room to grow.

5. Visa turnaround times are quicker than you think for skilled people

Though immigrating to a different country is a tricky and arduous task in today’s world, the NZ government have made it much easier for professionals whose occupations are on the skill shortage list to immigrate here. Meaning – faster turnaround times for visa processing, the sooner they can start within your business.

If you're keen to connect with overseas candidates but unsure where or how to start, check out our recent blog here for further advice on connecting with international talent.

We're currently working with many offshore and talented candidates who are ready to make the move to NZ - get in touch with the 84 team if you're interested in hearing more!