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​Workplace Culture: Why You Should Give a $h!T!

​Alright, let's paint a picture here. You're walking up to a group of people, and you pop them the million-dollar question: "What's the beating heart and soul of your business?" More often than not, they'll respond with something along the lines of, "It's the people, obviously!" Now, throw them a curveball and ask about their workplace culture. What do you get? Brace yourself, if you’re lucky you might get a vague muttering that roughly translates to "It's pretty cool, I guess (but not really)," or the classic "Honestly, I've got no idea."

Is “workplace culture” just a buzzword?

Now, let's roll up our sleeves - it’s time to dive into the nitty-gritty. Culture might seem like one of those fancy words that float around without leaving a mark or not really having any true meaning. But, guess what? It's the glue that holds your business together. Hold onto your hats, because this is mind-blowing: it's not just twice as impactful, not even five times, but a jaw-dropping eight times (yes, you read that right) more potent than your strategy. Yeah, strategy's neat, but without an energized team to breathe life into it, it's just an elaborate blueprint.

Now, pause and reflect on this: how many times have you welcomed a superstar into your team, only to watch them fizzle out or vanish into thin air? Ever found yourself in a tough spot, surrounded by brilliant minds who seem to be stuck in a perpetual yawn? Now, flip the script and imagine a parallel universe where your entire team is bursting with motivation, all rallying behind the same shining goal. Pretty powerful, don't you think?

Well, my friend, that's the magic of culture.

Here's the scoop: every company boasts its own unique culture. The twist? Whether it's a thumbs-up or a head-shaking facepalm, that's squarely on your plate.

Visualize workplace culture as the personality of your business. It's how people treat each other, how leaders lead (or don't), what garners applause, and what's promptly tossed out the door. It's the guiding light for decisions, the ambiance in your workspace, the rhythm of communication, and the heartbeat of tradition. Oh, and just to clarify, it's not merely about having a slide in the lobby or a nap pod on the second floor (although those can be cool slices of the pie).

Let's hit the accelerator and uncover why a rock-solid culture packs a punch:

Magnet for Top Talent: Attracting top-tier players becomes a breeze when your business radiates awesomeness. Who can resist being a part of that?

Drama-Free Zone: With a killer culture, say goodbye to the revolving door of employees. You'll be hiring for growth, not just plugging gaps in the team.

Hub of Happiness: When your crew feels the positive vibes and a strong sense of belonging, they up their game. Hard work? Check. Smart moves? Double-check.

Supercharge Performance: Fewer "people problems" mean more brainpower devoted to smashing goals. It's like leveling up in a video game.

But here's the real deal: if you're not steering the culture ship, guess what's steering you? If you don't actively shape the culture you aspire to, you might end up with a chaotic mishmash. Culture's a chameleon, always evolving, and you can't outshine it.

As Brett Gleeson aptly puts it on, the "winging it" culture does have its charm.

"Think of it like an epic tailgate party before a big game. If the stars align and everyone's in sync, it's a blast.

"But top-tier squads don't roll like that. They choose to build a culture that attracts the right crew, amplifies their values, and lives those values daily. And you know what? Their culture aligns seamlessly with their big plans – culture and strategy are like two peas in a pod."

So, what's the secret recipe for a top-notch workplace culture?

Start by crafting your culture vision (imagine flexible work vibes, work-life harmony, tight camaraderie, excellence all around, and career paths for everyone). Next, let it blend smoothly with your grand plan and strategy – no use having a culture that's playing tug-of-war with your goals. Lastly, here comes the challenge: make it authentic, make it real, make it genuinely yours.

Remember, the right culture isn't just a buzzword; it's the driving force that fuels your business. So, go on, paint that vibrant culture canvas, my friends.