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Real Estate to Recruitment

​For the majority of us, you'd usually assume that if you're looking to get into recruitment, you’d need a background in HR or business when, really, above all else, you have to know how to connect with people so you can build foundational relationships from the get-go.

We sat down with Recruitment Consultant Anna, who used to sell houses and now helps people find their dream job. For the past nine months, Anna has worked alongside the Engineering team here at 84 Recruitment, looking after the Planning and Property desk. With her vibrant and bubbly personality, she brings fun and competitiveness to the team.

The Big Switch: Real Estate to real people

It’s quite a pivot from working with home buyers to job seekers. Can you tell us how this career change came about?

“Before I made the switch to recruitment, I worked in real estate for nine years. I worked alongside my Mum and realised that she was heading towards retirement, but I was just at the beginning of my career.’ A friend of mine called me up and suggested I try recruitment. A little apprehensive at first, I eventually made the switch. Best thing I ever did.”

There's no denying that changing careers can be daunting. But how drastic have you found the switch?

“Real Estate and Recruitment aren't so different. You’ve got the same emotions and outcomes on either side. Whether that’s a client and a job offer or a house and sale.”

The driving factor

After working in real estate for a little while, Anna had spent countless weekends and late nights showing homes and working around someone else’s schedule. The constant pressure of working outside regular office hours left her questioning the time that could be better spent with her husband and kids.

“With recruitment, my day finishes at 5. Most of the time, no one calls me out of office hours, and I now get to enjoy weekends with my family.”

The Art of Connection

Recruitment is all about getting to know candidates and working with clients. It’s more than a surface-level connection or the odd phone call here and there. It’s about getting to know candidates and clients on a much deeper level.

We asked Anna how she stays connected with candidates and clients to ensure they’re in the loop and feel valued along the recruitment process.

“Spending time upfront to get to know someone and finding out as much information from them as possible is important in ensuring I know what they are looking for. I’m a face-to-face person and like to meet people in person to get to know them, so I always ask what people are looking for and figure out what they’re really after. The more information you can get early on, the easier it becomes, and it usually counteracts any confusion or unrealistic expectations when it comes to the nitty-gritty.”

Anna also shared that getting to know her candidates is half of the reason she is able to match people with their dream jobs. These are the types of jobs where she sees longevity because people truly enjoy their work.

“Particularly post-lockdown, developing connections is essential.”

Anna explained that the shift in working from home has now seen job seekers look towards remote work. With this new era of work coming in full force, the art of connection is as important as ever for both recruiters and candidates.

Behind the scenes at 84:

What’s one thing that has been a career highlight in the past year since you joined 84 Recruitment?

“Honestly, hand on heart, the team is amazing to work with. Everyone here truly cares. Everyone gets along. And people aren’t just viewed as a bum on a seat. Mark is really picky and focused about who is hired, which is something I really respect.”

To execute the vision of 84, you need your team to be full of people who share that vision. Teamwork makes the dream work, right!? By hiring people who share the same vision and trajectory, we’re able to make an impact on our people and our candidates.

Anna’s words of wisdom

Here’s what Anna had to say when we asked her, what kind of advice do you have for anyone wanting to work within recruitment? How do you keep your candidates grounded to find a job they’ll actually love and not just focus on the dollar signs?

“Not every company is the same. What might suit your lifestyle and requirements might not be right for someone else. Building those relationships is key to getting to know people and not just their qualifications. If you don’t enjoy where you are working, you won’t be there very long.”

If you are considering working in recruitment, just go for it. It’s a great way to connect with people across various industries, and to be supported by a team of people like the team at 84, makes it even better!