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How your business can stay ahead of the curve in 2024!

Navigating these 3 trends for 2024?

As we deep dive into 2024, It's crucial to stay ahead of the curve on workplace trends. At 84 Recruitment we strive to be 3 steps ahead, so here is a snapshot of what's in store for this year, to help your business thrive:

1. The Evolution of Remote Work:

Remote and hybrid work setups aren’t anything new, lockdowns in the past few years have forced us to work outside the office, and it’s here to stay. A recent article from NZ Herald, highlighted how hybrid working rose in the last year for many Kiwi workers - and why they’re more productive. ‘’More than half (51.3 per cent) said they were more productive at home, while 34.8 per cent said their productivity was about the same, and 13.9 per cent were less productive.”

2. AI Integration:

AI is taking the world by storm and very quickly advancing. It’s important for workplaces to adapt and revolutionise workflows, not to replace work but instead, to harness its power together for innovation and efficiency. Look at small tasks that can often be time wasters and automate it, so your staff have more time to focus on key areas and priorities.

3.Focusing on Well-Being:

Employers get better results when their staff feel like they matter. If employees feel their wellbeing is looked after at work, they are usually more productive, healthier, and less stressed. Creating a healthy work environment is key in creating a mentally safe workplace environment. This means people feel safe enough to speak up at work and discuss their ideas and mistakes without fear.

By embracing these three tips, you can take your business to new heights and truly see your team grow, thrive and succeed!