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4 Reasons why you may not be getting promoted

It can be very disheartening not getting that promotion you’ve been aiming for, or seeing your colleagues achieve new things, while you feel stagnant at the same level. However, there are some common reasons as to why people aren’t moving forward in their careers. So, before you think it’s time to search for another role, make sure you aren’t doing any of these things that could be preventing you from growing at your current company:

1. You’re not open to feedback 

Being able to take feedback and criticism on board is a key skill for leadership – perhaps you have been given feedback in performance reviews but have not actively incorporated it or you get defensive and try to give excuses. Feedback, when delivered constructively, should be viewed as a gift, and when received well, can really give you perspective on the areas you need to improve on. Asking for feedback, and taking it on board, implies a level of emotional intelligence that is so important for success in work and in life.

2. They don’t know you’re interested

This is a really common one – if you haven’t expressed it, they simply may not know that you are interested in a promotion, even if it seems super obvious to you. Take advantage of your performance reviews and when asked what your goals are for the future, clearly state that you would like the opportunity for a promotion in the near future and ask what it will take to get there. Your boss should help you reach your career goals, as ultimately, it's as good for them as it is for you!

3. You don’t take initiatives

Yes, it is important to do your job and to do it well, but perhaps you aren’t getting involved with any extra responsibility or tasks that are outside of your job description. Instead, take initiative by doing more than expected, help others out when needed and don’t wait for the opportunities to come to you. This will show you really care about the business and are willing to go the extra mile to add value. 

4. Over promising and under delivering 

Are you agreeing and committing to certain projects or tasks but not able to deliver? If you have doubts, ask for help or more time, because if you say you will have something done by Monday, but you can only deliver it at the end of the week, you may be seen as unreliable. You need to show you are capable, display good time management and be viewed as a dependable employee.

Above all else, contributing to a happy and social work culture is also pretty important, especially in this season where employees and leaders place so much emphasis on workplace culture. Be the co-worker that you would like to work with!

All the best with securing your promotion and if you would like industry insight or advice at any point in your career, the team at 84 Recruitment are always happy to have a confidential chat or would be keen to grab a coffee to discuss your career plans.