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Hiring tips to stay on the pulse of AI assisted CV's

Here's how to navigate AI powered CV’s when looking to hire:

Recent study shows that a whopping 42% of candidates thought OpenAI’s famous chatbot could make significant improvements to their CV’s and help them stand out from the crowd. When does this become a problem for employers and how can you detect it?

Insight and advice from my recruitment perspective:

As a divisional leader of a recruitment agency, I personally think these developments are somewhat concerning. The sophisticated AI ability to alter details on candidate profiles challenges the traditional methods of screening talent. The recruitment landscape is ever changing with new trends and technologies and my advise here, is to consider a balanced approach using AI within your hiring process. It may be a good idea to start thinking about developing methods to detect AI enhanced CV’s and even potentially considering more thorough interviews and skill assessments.

So, where to from here?

I have put together a few tips below, that can help you filter CV's to identify authentic applications.


1.      Revisit your interview process and skills assessments

It’s probably time to emphasize the importance of thorough interviews and practical assessments. Perhaps, more behavioral interviews, case studies, skill bases assessments should offer more reliable evaluation of candidate’s actual abilities and suitability for the position.

2.      Implement more advanced screening tools

It’s fair to say AI is moving in a speed that it’s hard to keep up with. As AI continues to advance, the tools for screening should also evolve. With a bit of research, you can identify a number of powerful screening software’s that will help you distinguish between human written and AI assisted content. That software helps focus on detecting AI patterns such as excessively polished language or skills that may appear mismatched with the candidate’s actual experience.

3.      Promote a culture of authenticity

How about fostering a culture that prioritises genuine skills and authenticity rather than overly polished and possibly misleading profiles. If you can manage this shift in the culture, this can help deterring candidates from relying heavily on AI to enhance their CVs.

4.      Ethical and legal compliance

Let’s not forget about the creators of Generative AI, these are humans. Historical biases might sneak into the algorithms which can be concerning. So it’s extremely important to be aware of legal implications of AI in recruitment including potential biases and discrimination. My recommendation here is to stay ahead of the curve and take the necessary steps and time to ensure that your polices are up to date, fair and compliant.


84 strives to remain 3 steps ahead and we want to continue keeping employers informed about how to stay ahead of the curve. If you would like to have a chat to any of the team to discuss the current market and how your business can take the lead, feel free to get in touch via email or give us a call on 09 391 8484.